Johnson Desk Kilowatt
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There is no doubt that the Johnson Desk Kilowatt is one of the finest (and rarest) AM transmitters ever made.  This desk is in excellent condition.   The only problem is that the person I purchased it from had decided to use a metallic paint when he refinished the case.  I actually took the amp out of the desk after I had it for several months and took everything back to get it painted with the proper type of paint.  The color is very close to the original but the metallic finish just doesn't look right to me.  Several months later it was not painted and I just gave up and got it back.  There is one small piece of the cabinet that is the original color.  I will have this matched and will paint the desk the right color later this year.  Right now I'm going to enjoy it.  I am using a Johnson Ranger as the exciter and a Collins 75A-4 with a 270G-1 speaker for the receive side.  The chair in the picture is the actual chair that was at my desk in my room when I was a teenager.  That is where I did my homework and worked on my electronic projects including my RS-3.  I had the naugahyde replaced and it looks great.  It is VERY similar to the chair in the promotional literature for the Desk Kilowatt.

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