Collins 20V-3
Serial Number 101

Collins 20V-3 Serial Number 101 is now at its new home.  101 was the only transmitter at KSIX-AM, Corpus Christi, Texas for many years.  There was another transmitter before this one but it is long since gone.  About two years ago they installed a solid state transmitter and 101 was retired.  Eight or ten months ago I received a call from the station engineer.  He wanted to know if I would like to have the old transmitter.  If not, they were going to haul it to the dump.  Answer, HELL YES!

Henry, K5YDD and I met the station engineer at the site one weekend shortly after the phone call and loaded the transmitter on a flat bed trailer for the initial move to a storage area at one of the FM stations here in town.  It remained their until I moved it to its new home on January 8, 2004.  It is stored in a safe, dry area waiting restoration.

Another project, building a Signal One CX-7 from scratch, is being worked on now.  I do not have the room to begin restoration of this transmitter as planned.  When we get all the remodeling finished I will start.  Not sure when that will be but I will keep this page updated.

There are many pictures posted.  Once restoration begins I will update this page with information and more pictures.

Created: January 8, 2005. Last Updated: May 15, 2005
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